Improving the Inside and the Outside of Your Home

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Why a Shade Sail Is the Ideal Cover for an Outdoor Swimming Pool

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An outdoor swimming pool can be a fantastic place to cool off in the summer. But the right cover can be as important as the pool itself. Here’s why a shade sail can be the ideal protection for your pool and your swimmers. 1. Protection from the sun Firstly, shade sails will protect your swimmers from the harmful ultraviolet radiation in the sun’s rays, which can lead to melanomas and other skin cancers. Read More»

Four Considerations to Make When Choosing Between Interior and Exterior Wall Insulation

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Investing in wall insulation for your home is one of the most reliable ways of improving energy efficiency. Insulated walls prevent heat loss during the winter, and this helps keep the house warm. In the summer, the walls prevent heat exchange between exterior and interior spaces. As a result, you don’t have to worry about overworking your air conditioner. However, the big question here is whether to choose between exterior and interior wall insulation. Read More»

4 Types of Awnings You Can Install in Your Home

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An awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of your home, usually on a deck or window. It comprises a canvas, which can be made of acrylic, polyester, vinyl or yarn, and the supporting structure, made of iron, steel or aluminium. An awning is a perfect solution for protecting your property. It serves as a screen to cushion your home from weather elements. If you’re thinking of installing an awning, you should know the different types available. Read More»

3 Reasons to Fit Your Home with Pleated Blinds

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More and more homeowners are choosing to fit blinds as well as curtains or sometimes even instead of curtains completely. It isn’t very hard to see why – blinds provide outstanding insulation and privacy, and there are plenty of different options from which to choose. One type of blind you might not be familiar with is the pleated blind. They are made from a pleated fabric that concertinas together when you pull them up and hangs flat when you let them down. Read More»

Which Plants Will Thrive in a Dry Australian Climate?

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It is important to remember that whatever sort of climate you have in your corner of the country that new planting will only work well if you do the right preparation work. In other words, when you are thinking about which drought-resistant plants to buy for your garden, you should also consider improving the soil as much as possible for them to thrive. For example, most dry climate plants can withstand a downpour or two, but the soil they stand in needs to be fast draining. Read More»

Your Dream Home: Can Your Architect Help You to Control Your Budget?

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When it comes to having an architect design your dream home, the sky’s the limit. Although, to be more realistic, your local council zoning regulations and your budget are more likely to be your limits. Whether your plans are modest or particularly ambitious, your funds are not infinite, so can your architect help you to keep your budget under control? Body of Work The cost of the architect is going to be part of your allotted budget, but it’s not as though you would choose an architect based solely upon their price. Read More»

What To Look For In A Mattress If You Sleep On Your Stomach

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The vast majority of people sleep predominately on their back or side, so it’s probably not surprising that people who prefer sleeping on their front often have trouble finding a comfortable mattress. Most mattresses simply aren’t made to properly support your body when you sleep on your front, and many stomach sleepers find that their mattresses give them aches and pains in their backs, shoulders and hips.  Fortunately, there are options for those of us who prefer to buck sleeping trends and doze off face-down. Read More»