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Your Dream Home: Can Your Architect Help You to Control Your Budget?

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When it comes to having an architect design your dream home, the sky's the limit. Although, to be more realistic, your local council zoning regulations and your budget are more likely to be your limits. Whether your plans are modest or particularly ambitious, your funds are not infinite, so can your architect help you to keep your budget under control?

Body of Work

The cost of the architect is going to be part of your allotted budget, but it's not as though you would choose an architect based solely upon their price. Yes, the cost of their services plays a role, but their previous body of work is just as important. And yet, will the architect's involvement come to an end once the plans for your home have been finalised?

Design Stages

There are a number of design stages that need to be completed before it can even be suggested that the plans have been finalised, and for some architects, this is the extent of their participation. This is not the case with all architects though, and selecting one that retains some oversight for the project can help to prevent costs from escalating beyond their original level. 

The Construction Phase

When your architect stays involved with your project during the construction phase, this doesn't mean that they're managing the project, although it means that they will consult and become involved as necessary. While the finalised plans might be constructed as envisaged, there can be some minor unforeseen hurdles to overcome during construction, which can require a slight modification of the original plans. It's essential that your architect is able to prioritise your project during the construction phase so that these slight bumps in the road can be efficiently overcome, if need be.

The Construction Company

The construction phase also requires a construction company, and in terms of managing your costs, you should go with your architect's recommendations. They have a proven working history with the suggested company, and this goes a long way to ensuring that your project can be completed within your allotted budget and schedule. This previous working relationship also allows for a clear line of communication between the construction company and the architect, so that any questions can quickly be addressed and resolved.

In short, if you engage the services of an architect to design your dream home, your chosen architect should remain involved in the project from inception to completion.