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Why a Shade Sail Is the Ideal Cover for an Outdoor Swimming Pool

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An outdoor swimming pool can be a fantastic place to cool off in the summer. But the right cover can be as important as the pool itself. Here's why a shade sail can be the ideal protection for your pool and your swimmers.

1. Protection from the sun

Firstly, shade sails will protect your swimmers from the harmful ultraviolet radiation in the sun's rays, which can lead to melanomas and other skin cancers. There are two reasons why people using an outdoor pool may be particularly susceptible to these rays. Firstly, they are likely to have more exposed skin. Nobody goes swimming in their normal clothes, and swimwear will leave much more of the skin at the mercy of the sun. Secondly, if the swimmers are not using a waterproof sunscreen they may find their protection gets washed away. A shade sail will trap the sun's rays and ensure that those harmful ultraviolet rays do not put your swimmers' health at risk.

2. Helps cool things off

Secondly, a shade sail will reduce the temperature in the pool. During the harsh summers people will want to use the pool to cool off, but this will do nothing to reduce the ambient temperature above the water. By deflecting the sun's rays, a shade sail will ensure that people can stay cool as they enjoy the water.

3. Stops evaporation

Shade sails can stop the pool water from evaporating. It can be surprising how quickly water will be lost from a pool when the sun's rays cause it to evaporate. Some sort of cover is essential to keep the water in the pool where it belongs, and a shade sail is ideal for this purpose.

4. Avoids debris

Finally, the experience of swimming in an outdoor pool can be spoiled by debris. Twigs, leaves, and anything else that might be carried in the breeze can all find their way into the pool and will have to be removed by hand for the comfort and safety of your swimmers. With a shade sail, airborne debris is far less likely to find its way into the water. This makes it a much more pleasant and hygienic place to relax.

No matter how large the pool, a shade sail will improve the comfort and safety of the people using it. Just talk to a local shade sail supplier today if you have any further questions.