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3 Reasons to Fit Your Home with Pleated Blinds

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More and more homeowners are choosing to fit blinds as well as curtains or sometimes even instead of curtains completely. It isn't very hard to see why – blinds provide outstanding insulation and privacy, and there are plenty of different options from which to choose. One type of blind you might not be familiar with is the pleated blind. They are made from a pleated fabric that concertinas together when you pull them up and hangs flat when you let them down.

Here are just three compelling reasons why you should consider pleated blinds for your home.

1. They Can Be Easily Made to Measure

Blinds made from wood or metal are sometimes hard to make to exact specifications, so you'll often end up with a little gap along the sides. Since the fabric used to create pleated binds can be easily made to measure, you can create a window covering that provides total coverage. That's ideal whether you're looking to keep out noise pollution from a busy road, maintain near-total darkness even when the sun is out, or simply ensure that there are no gaps through which people can see into your home.

2. They Offer Exceptional Style and Versatility

Another advantage that comes with fabric-based blinds is their looks. They tend to coordinate extremely well with your other hangings and even with other furniture. The fabric can be made thick enough to make a statement by itself – in contrast, other types of blinds may look unattractive without curtains to flank them on either side. Best of all, you can have pleated blinds made in just about any kind of colour or design you could imagine. Even if you're simply shopping off the shelf instead of having custom pleated blinds made, you'll find a diverse selection of options.

3. They Provide Outstanding Insulation

It isn't just the total coverage created by pleated blinds that helps them deliver such exceptional insulation. The thickness of the material also plays its part. Choose a heavier pleated blind to keep the heat in during cold winter months and the heat out when the sun is beating down its hardest. That doesn't just make for a more comfortable home – it also means you could end up saving big on your monthly utility bills. You can even choose a fabric that can provide UV protection if you're worried about sunlight getting through and discolouring your carpets, furniture and furnishings.

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