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4 Types of Awnings You Can Install in Your Home

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An awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of your home, usually on a deck or window. It comprises a canvas, which can be made of acrylic, polyester, vinyl or yarn, and the supporting structure, made of iron, steel or aluminium. An awning is a perfect solution for protecting your property. It serves as a screen to cushion your home from weather elements. If you're thinking of installing an awning, you should know the different types available.

Continue reading for 4 different types of awnings you can install in your home. 

Stationary Awning Just like the name suggests, the canopy is installed permanently to the home's exterior. Compared to other types of awnings, fixed awnings require very little maintenance. It will provide shade to your deck all year round. To ensure that your investment will last during the strong winds and snowy season, getting a professional to install it will make sure that your awning can withstand the impact. 

Retractable Awning This is the most commonly used awning in homes. This type of awning can be extended to provide shelter or retracted when you need to enjoy a sunny day. The best part of a retractable awning is that you can use it when you need it, and keep it aside when you don't. They provide the sturdiness that you would get from a stationary awning, but without the threat of snow build-up or wind damage during inclement weather. 

One of the top benefits of this awning is that it keeps your view intact, and you can enjoy it at any time. It comes in two different types: the motorized and manual retractable awnings. The motorized awning is controlled with either a remote, phone or switch. 

Portable/Freestanding Awning Just as the name suggests, you can move your portable awning around your deck or patio. This type of transportable awning can be moved easily from one location to the next, and are built for convenience. This means that you can move them to follow the sun's trajectory and provide you with shade all day long. 

Window Awnings Does your room let in more sunlight than you would like? Window awnings are specially designed for your windows to prevent unwanted direct sun rays from penetrating your home. They are customisable according to the pattern and size of your windows and are very helpful. In particular, they help keep your windowsill open during snowy times. You can also install them to add a vintage aesthetic to your home.

Depending on your needs, you can install any of these awnings. Choose the one that suits our home and your intended use. 

To learn more about awnings, feel free to reach out to awning specialists.