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Two situations in which a person might need to get their new home's locks replaced by a locksmith

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Here are two situations in which a person who's recently moved into a new home might need to hire a locksmith to change the building's locks.

To upgrade to better locks

A person who has recently moved might decide to hire a locksmith if they want to upgrade to better locks. There are several situations in which this could be necessary. For example, if a house or apartment is old and hasn't been lived in for many years, its locks may have deteriorated over time and become stiff or rusty. If a person with this issue has a locksmith replace these old, worn-out locks with brand-new ones, they won't need to worry about struggling to get their key to turn in one of the stiff locks or about the key getting stuck or breaking after being placed inside a rusted lock.

Similarly, if a person has moved into a home with locks that are functional, but seem to be of a low-quality, they might decide to get a locksmith to replace these locks with more robust ones. This could reduce the chances of anyone breaking into the home, as high-quality door locks tend to be harder to pick than cheaper, weaker ones. In addition to giving them peace of mind about their own safety, improving their new home's security in this manner might also give the person access to more affordable home insurance policies. This is because the price of a home insurance policy is often based partly on how secure a person's property is.

To prevent previous keyholders from accessing their home

Another reason a person might need to hire a locksmith after moving into their new home is to ensure that none of the property's previous keyholders will be able to access it. In this situation, the locksmith might only need to change the exterior door's locks (as it wouldn't matter if any former occupants still had keys to interior doors if they could no longer access the home via its exterior doors).

It's impossible for a person to know exactly how many people may have been given a copy of a key to their new home in the past. The previous occupants may have, for example, given copies of their keys to their friends and relatives, to tradespeople, as well as to cleaners, gardeners, and nannies. As such, if the current occupant doesn't want to worry about the possibility of a stranger being able to easily enter their home at any point, hiring a locksmith to install new exterior locks could be a wise decision.

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