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Two tips for homeowners who can't decide what type of decor they prefer

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If you're having some difficulty decorating your home because your decor tastes change quite regularly, here are some tips that might help.

Get reversible curtains

One way to satisfy your craving for variety when decorating is to get reversible curtains; these are curtains that have a different print on each side that you can reverse when you want to change a room's appearance. Utilising these types of curtains to update a room's look when you get bored of its existing decor is much easier than, for example, repainting that room, as whilst reversing a set of curtains should occur quickly, painting a room can take several days and involve the temporary removal or covering of the room's furniture and appliances. Additionally, it's a much more affordable way to make a room look different than, for instance, replacing its furniture or other large and expensive features.

It's also better than purchasing multiple sets of standard, non-reversible curtains, not only because one set of reversible curtains is likely to be cheaper than multiple sets of non-reversible ones, but also because it means you won't need to use any storage space in your home to stow spare sets of curtains.

Get a variety of inexpensive accessories for your window dressings

One of the challenges that come with not being able to settle on a specific type of decor is that you can end up spending lots of money each time you feel the urge to change a room's look. One step you could take to make this process less costly is to purchase a variety of small, inexpensive accessories for your window dressings. For example, if you get the aforementioned reversible curtains, you could purchase two or three sets of cheap tiebacks, in different styles and materials, for each side of these curtains. This would mean that in addition to being able to reserve the curtains, you could also switch up the look of each side during the time it's on display, by using different tiebacks.

Because the window area is normally a room's most visible feature, these accessories will be more noticeable (and thus serve as an easy way to freshen up the room's appearance) than other accessories, such as mantle ornaments or bookends. Most importantly, most sets of tiebacks are very affordable and so using them will give you the chance to satisfy your need to alter a room's look without overspending.

For more information on reversible curtains, contact a company near you.