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Why Install a Louvred Sunroof on Your New Patio?

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If you want to build a new patio area outside your home, then you might want to add a roof to your build. A roof weatherproofs a patio and makes the space more usable for more of the year. As you look at patio designs and their roofs, it's worth looking at a louvre sunroof design. How do these sunroofs work, and what are their benefits?

What Is a Louvred Patio Sunroof?

Louvred sunroofs give you complete coverage over your patio; however, they work flexibly compared to fixed coverings. The roof is made up of louvred slats that you can open and close.

So, when the louvres are closed, the roof gives you complete coverage just like a closed sunroof. However, when you open the louvres, each slat moves round. They stay in place on the roof's support but turn to the side. As they turn, you open up the roof space.

You get different control options here. Some louvres are manually controlled; others use a remote. Some have automatic sensors that close the louvres if it rains.

What Are the Advantages of Louvre Sunroofs?

Choosing the right patio roof isn't always easy. If you go for a fixed roof, then you might lose some light and ventilation. There'll be times when the heat from the roof makes your patio too hot to sit in. Or, if you decide not to install a roof, then your patio will be out in the open. You might not be able to use it when it is raining or windy.

Louvred sunroofs give you a best of both worlds solution. You get the full coverage of a roof when you need to keep your patio under cover.

So, if the weather is a bit breezy or wet, you can still sit outside because the roof will keep you warm and dry. You can also leave your patio furniture outside all the time because the roof will protect it when it is closed.

However, when things get hot, you can open your louvres to let in more air. You can also boost incoming sunlight on cooler days.

Louvres also give you more precise control. If you want to let in a breeze but keep out most of the wind, you can open the slats part of the way. You get more ways to create the perfect patio environment no matter what the weather.

You'll get a better quality and longer-lasting solution if you choose specialist products from companies that specialise in patio builds. For example, the Stratco patios range gives you various ways to build and cover your outdoor area.