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Five Common Kitchen Benchtops Compared

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There are numerous different options of benchtops when you select one from your local kitchen wholesale supplier. Kitchen benchtops will sit over any standard kitchen unit to provide a working surface where you can prepare food, so choosing the right ones for the design is important from an aesthetic as well as a practical point of view. Read on to find out more about some of the most common kitchen benchtops around.

1. Granite

A very durable material, granite will last a long time and look good in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. They are easy to clean and will withstand anything hot that you place on them, so this makes them a very practical choice. One of the drawbacks of granite is that it is a porous stone. This isn't a problem with sealed kitchen benchtops, but you will need to reseal yours every few years to prevent marking from water and other fluids.

2. Ceramic

With so many colours and textures to choose from, ceramic benchtops will suit a wide range of kitchen styles. What's more, they are hygienic and can withstand reasonably hot temperatures without marking. However, they can scratch if you are not careful with them. Even worse, they often need to have their grouting maintained to keep them looking good. That said, ceramic is a cost-effective option that is pleasing to many people.

3. Glass

Affording a shimmering look, glazed kitchen benchtops suit contemporary kitchen designs. They are waterproof and will not age even if they are exposed to lots of sunlight. One drawback of glass surfaces is that they sometimes mark if they have acidic foods left on them for prolonged periods. They are easy to wipe down, however.

4. Wood

Wooden benchtops look great in traditional kitchens. They are susceptible to gouges, which means you have to be careful using knives on them. Although they are not resistant to bacteria, wooden working surfaces are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them hygienic. You will need to treat them to prevent water damage, however. Furthermore, you will need to be careful when placing hot pans on them because this can lead to discolouration.

5. Laminates

As one of the most affordable options around for kitchen benchtops, laminates come in every colour and design. Highly versatile, they are waterproof and won't suffer from everyday use. That said, they can be damaged by heavy objects that fall onto them, so be careful in this regard.