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Two Tips for Those Who Are Frustrated by How Small Their Homes Are

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If your home is far too small for you and your family but moving to a bigger property is not an option right now, you might find the following two tips to be useful.

Put items that are used only occasionally into a self storage facility

If you're like most people, you probably have a substantial number of items that you only need to use sporadically, or during specific periods of the year. If some of these items are bulky and are taking up valuable floor or cupboard space in your already cramped home, then it might be a good idea to transfer them to a container at a self storage facility. For example, if you have a bicycle that you only tend to ride during the summer months when you're off work and the weather is warm, then there is no need to keep this item in your home all year long. Stowing it away in a self storage facility will create extra room in your home whilst still allowing you to access this piece of equipment whenever you feel like cycling.

Similarly, if you have a sewing machine or a large collection of knitting wool but you only feel inclined to undertake sewing or knitting projects during the cold winter months when you don't feel like going outdoors, it might be best to simply keep these bulky items in a self storage locker until you want to use them again.This should free up quite a bit of space in the area of your home where you do your craftwork.

Have a ruthless decluttering session

When people feel frustrated by how small their homes are, their first reaction is usually to declutter their properties in order to free up some much-needed space. Whilst this is a sensible idea, it doesn't always produce great results, as many people find themselves struggling to part with a lot of their clutter, and they end up keeping the vast majority of it. If you are determined to make your small home feel more spacious, you must be ruthless during the decluttering process. In practical terms, this means that you should get rid of, for example, the gifts that you have received but never use (but are holding on to out of guilt), and try to limit the number of sentimental items you want to keep to a specific number.

For example, if you have a vast collection of the art you made as a child, you might want to only keep three or four particularly impressive items and dispose of the rest (although it may be worth taking some pictures of this artwork before you get rid of it). It's also a good idea to recycle all of the old greetings cards that you have received over the years (aside from those that are meaningful to you). This ruthless approach is the only way that your decluttering efforts will create the space that you need in your home.