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Why Shade Sails Can Revolutionise Your School

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Children love to play outdoors and will make a break for their freedom at any opportunity. If you're in charge of designing and maintaining your school, you know how difficult it is to keep these youngsters out of the sun when they do so. If you are always looking for ways to develop your playground, have you thought about installing some shade sails in strategic locations? There are many ways that these could benefit your school, quite apart from providing some crucial protection. Why are they a good idea?

Protection First

When you buy the best shade sails on the market, you will be guaranteed to get the highest UV protection possible, and as you know, this helps to cut down the risk of skin damage in later life. The kids may not understand at this point, but you need to look after them come what may, and your teachers will also thank you for your foresight.

Rest Time

Even though they may feel that they are able to cope with the effects of the sun, the children will nevertheless appreciate your shade sails during the hottest days of the year. When they get heated, they will have somewhere to sit down and take advantage of any cooling breeze while they get their second wind.

Cooling Breeze

While these sails certainly block out UV rays, they can also allow a fresh breeze to flow through them due to the way that they are created. They're made from a knitted fabric that has thousands of microscopic mesh holes, and this makes them a far more palatable alternative to a fixed structure.

Eat Outdoors

If you find that things get a little heated during lunch as the children clamour for their food inside a traditional canteen, why not create an alternative eating area outside? If the weather is particularly nice, the food can be taken out for the children to eat while seated around picnic tables, and this is sure to increase their appetite for the afternoon learning session.

Brightening Everything Up

While your school may have a serious objective to help children prepare for the big, bad world, it doesn't have to be an austere place. You can offset any drab colours with some vibrant shade sails, which are sure to brighten up even the dullest location. This is just what the doctor ordered when playtime rolls around, after some heavy concentration inside.

Such a Good Idea

When you consider all of these benefits, you'll wonder why you haven't introduced some shade sails before. Get on the phone to your supplier so you can draw up some plans right now.