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How to Add Some Style to Your Home's Window Blinds and Shades

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If you want to add some eye-catching style to your home's windows, curtains are usually an easy solution. However, as colourful and stylish as curtains might be, they can also be overpowering for a smaller room, and might get in the way of foot traffic or furniture. 

Blinds and shades are often preferred for smaller spaces in particular, and for homeowners who prefer a minimalist look. Whatever your reasons for choosing blinds or shades over curtains, it's still good to avoid any window treatment that is sparse and dull! Note a few quick tips for choosing stylish blinds and shades, so every room of your home looks its best.

Wood and fabric

Many blinds and shades are made from a basic vinyl material, which can be cheap and durable but not very attractive. Wood Venetian blinds are much more attractive and easy to clean, and they add a natural element to a room. Wood blinds can also coordinate with timber floors or wood accessories in a room.

Fabric blinds and shades add softness to a space and may help to absorb noise from both inside and outside the home. Fabric window treatments can also offset large timber floors when wood blinds might mean too much wood in one spot! Fabric blinds and shades are also typically available in any colour and pattern, so you can choose a pastel tone for a child's room or a bold pattern for a living room, adding just the right amount of personality to your windows.

Size of slats

When choosing Venetian blinds, note the size of the slats available. Opt for slats that are overly large or very thin, to make the blinds a bit unique. Thin slats can also work well with a modern home, and for especially small windows. 

Add a cornice box

A cornice box goes across the top of windows. This box can be made of virtually any size and material; a large cornice box will hide away Venetian blinds or shades when they're fully opened, whereas a small cornice box might simply add a bit of style to the windows. 

You can even choose a cornice box that is made from the same material as your blinds or shades; this can be a wood cornice for wood blinds or a fabric-covered cornice for your fabric shades. The box will then help anchor the window treatments and make them more noticeable and weightier, for a very stylish look.