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3 Simple Ways To Give Your Windows A Modern Makeover

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Windows are a vital feature in the home. They're the source of natural light in a room, and they're also your portal to view the outside world. They also play a large role in creating a pleasing overall aesthetic in a room. Tired, unloved windows and window dressings can drag a room down in the style stakes.

Fortunately, even the dowdiest and most neglected windows can be totally transformed with a few simple and inexpensive changes. Here are three ways that you can give your windows a fresh, modern and beautiful makeover.

1. Add some colourful curtains

New curtains are an excellent way to dress up your windows and introduce some contemporary style to a room. These days, colour and pattern are huge trends, and curtains are a great way to update a room that needs some life and zest.  

For a soft look, opt for a fabric that takes its inspiration from nature and uses floral or leaf motifs. If you'd prefer something bolder, there are some stunning fabrics which use Moroccan or French designs to create an exotic yet timeless feel.

2. Paint your window trims

Another way to renew and refresh the look of older windows is to paint the interior trims. This applies to both timber window frames and metal frames, although you may need to add a primer to metal frames to ensure that you get an even paint job that adheres properly.

For a classic and versatile look, you can't go past a pale neutral such as warm white, soft grey or creamy beige. For a more contemporary look, darker shades such as slate grey, midnight blue and charcoal black make a bold and edgy statement.

3. Change your curtain rod

Curtain rods may not be a large feature when it comes to window dressings, yet they still make a big contribution to the overall look when you're updating your windows. Although not a great deal of the rod is visible, the ends can act like miniature sculptures that add visual interest and design flair.

Burnished metals, such as copper, bronze and rose gold, are all highly popular in interior design right now and can add a timeless elegance to your windows. If you'd prefer an edgier and more contemporary look, matte black or polished chrome curtain rods might be great options.

With a few small changes, your windows can be totally transformed. It's an excellent way to give your home an appealing and modern new look without making any large or expensive changes.