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Essential Equipment for Moving House Efficiently

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Moving house is a pretty arduous task, and one that most people dread. Despite reminding yourself how nice it will be once you're settled into your new property, the thought of all the work that comes first is enough to sour the whole experience.

Using a house removals company takes a big chunk of the stress out of it all, but there's still all the sorting, packing and unpacking to do. One way to make things easier is to start by gathering all the equipment you'll need to move your belongings efficiently. Here are the things you need if you want to stay organised and get it over with quickly.

Good quality boxes

People sometimes underestimate how many boxes they'll need, or they leave it until the last minute to get any and end up using whatever they can scavenge.

It's worth paying for strong, high-quality packing boxes to keep your stuff safe and secure. You might be able to get free boxes from supermarkets, but they're usually quite weak and risk tearing open.

Don't forget some strong packing tape to seal them all up, too.

Vacuum bags

Any fabrics that you don't mind getting creased can be sealed into vacuum bags and packed flat, saving a lot of space. It's a great way to pack things like towels, underwear and bedding.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is the most reliable way to protect breakables, so stock up and keep all your delicate belongings safe. It's a better option than newspaper, which provides little protection and isn't worth the money you save.

Protective clothing bags

Most of your clothing can be folded in boxes or put into bags, but a few strong clothing bags are best for packing suits and delicate clothing. Your more valuable clothes will come up relatively crease-free and you'll avoid them getting damaged.

Pocket notebook

To keep things really organised, make lists of what's packed, what needs to be packed and anything else you need to remember. If you write it down in a pocket-size notebook, you can carry it on you at all times so it doesn't get lost.

Kids' toys

If you're a parent, stopping your children from getting bored will seriously reduce your stress levels when you're busy trying to get everything done. Keep a few small toys unpacked and put them somewhere safe, so the kids can keep themselves entertained and out of the way.