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How to Choose the Right Details for Your Home's Custom Cabinets

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When working with a custom cabinetmaker, you have the freedom to choose all the details and features you want from those cabinets, so that they fit your home's space and also coordinate with all the surfaces in the room where they'll be installed. However, while having all those choices and options is good, this also means that it's easy to get overwhelmed with the many details available to you! Note a few tips for choosing the right features for your home's custom cabinets, to make the selection process easier on you and to ensure your new cabinets are exactly what you need in your home.


It's good to choose a wood that has the natural colour and tone that you want in the room where the cabinets will be installed, so that you don't need to keep painting or staining the cabinets. Cherry and maple have dark and rich tones with lots of deep colour and highlights. If you prefer a lighter look in the kitchen, opt for pine, and choose a wood with lots of knots and other "imperfections" that actually add more visual interest to the cabinets.

Framed versus frameless

The frames of a cabinet may seem like a minor detail, but they can add quite a bit of detail to the overall look and style of the cabinets. These frames are wooden pieces that are glued or nailed to the front of the cabinet itself, and the cabinet door will then be connected to the frame. Frameless cabinets are without this added piece around them, and the door is connected right to the cabinet. Cabinet doors are usually wider for frameless cabinets, so that they can span the entire width of the cabinet itself.

A cabinet frame can add depth to the pieces and create a more traditional look, whereas frameless cabinets may look simple and modern. Compare photos of the two styles if you're not sure how a frame can add depth to your cabinets, so you can determine if your custom cabinets should be framed or frameless.

Hinges and hardware

Don't underestimate the importance of attractive hinges and hardware for your new cabinets. Choose something oversized to add more visual interest and a metallic element in the kitchen, or opt for something sleek and slim for a modern look. Note the appliances in the kitchen as well. Stainless steel hardware for the cabinets can be good if you have stainless steel appliances, whereas traditional ceramic appliances might work with oil-rubbed bronze hardware for the cabinets.