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Achieving a Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget: How to Get a Luxe Bathroom for Less

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Bathroom renovations are one of the most expensive home upgrades, second only to kitchen renovations. However, you don't have to forfeit your life savings to achieve the look of the gorgeous designer bathroom images you have been drooling over.

There are many ways to achieve a high-end feel after a bathroom renovation without costing you a fortune. Here are a few tricks to help you achieve that.

Consider a marble wallpaper

Nothing screams luxury more than a marble bathroom. Marble brings an elegant feel to a room, and you can now achieve it on a budget.

Thanks to modern-day wallpaper, you don't have to break your bank to add marble to your bathroom renovation budget. Use marble print wallpaper on your bathroom walls or bench surfaces and take your renovation from regular to regal.

Go for dark or coloured grout

Tiling your bathroom walls gives them a warm polished feel, but the cost can really strain your budget. At this point, white ceramic tiles could seem like the only budget-friendly option since they are highly affordable compared to other tiling materials.

Guess what? Coloured grout such as grey grout cost much or less the same as white. Don't settle for a flat look; grey grout can make your installation stand out.

Consider larger-format tiles

Rather than the typical tile format and measurements, go for out of the box tile dimensions. Large format tiles are unfussy and lend a timeless, classic elegance to bathroom walls.

Large format tiles are anything than normal. Since they cover large expanses quickly, they leave minimal joint to grout hence a clean expensive look.

Add furnishings

Think rugs and chairs, you know – things that you'd normally decorate your living room or bedroom with.  

Rather than spending money on an expensive mosaic floor, how about an eye-catching rug? Since your bathroom floor has the biggest impact, splurging on a rug could make your bathroom instantly appear more luxurious thanks to outs prominent presence and ability to frame your bathroom.

Update bathroom mirrors

A pair of shapely mirrors over your vanity adds a little more flair than the builder's special frameless mirror.

A simple head-turning mirror can single handily take your bathroom to the next level. If you're looking for a quick, effective way of updating your bathroom, look no further. Also, mirrors create an illusion of a larger bathroom; it's a win, win either way!

Don't forget the details

High-end lotions and bathing soaps often have beautiful packaging. But after a whole bathroom renovation, their cost can really add up.

However, you can still achiever their high-end detail by pouring your favourite bathroom products into pretty bottles and glass pumps.