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4 Reasons Why Plantation Shutters Might Be The Ideal Window Dressing Choice For Your New Look Room

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When you're redecorating a room in your home one of the features that have the most impact is your choice of window dressing. Window dressings can set the tone for a room and help to define the entire look you're trying to achieve. An enduringly popular window dressing choice is plantation shutters. Here are four reasons why they might make the ideal choice for your new look room.

1. They suit any design style

Shutters are like the chameleon of the design world when it comes to dressing your windows. They work equally well in a traditional, vintage style decor or a contemporary, minimalist style room so you won't need to replace them if you decide to update the look of your room in the future. They're so versatile because they're attractive but unobtrusive and can fit any shape and size window with made to measure manufacturing.

2. They're low maintenance

Whether you opt for timber or coated aluminium as the material for your shutters, they require very little care and maintenance to stay looking good and performing perfectly. All that's required is the occasional dust and wipe down with a clean, damp cloth to stay clean and attractive. There's no need for the time-consuming laundering that curtains and blinds need regularly.

3. They help to insulate your windows

When it comes to preventing heat from entering or escaping from your home, windows are the worst feature for providing insulation. Plantation shutters provide an effective barrier against heat transference via your windows and will help to reduce your home's heating and cooling costs. For even better insulation, choose shutters that have a foam core that increase their insulative properties.

4. They give you more control over light and privacy

With most other window dressing options, they are either open or closed, which limits your control over how much light and privacy they provide. The louvres of plantation shutters mean you can adjust how much light you let in and how much you want to restrict the view into your home from outside. The louvres can be half opened at an angle, allowing light in but preventing anyone from seeing in at the same time.

If plantation shutters sound like the perfect window dressing choice for your new look room, then contact your local plantation shutter supplier or manufacturer. They can help you to decide which material and colour will work best in your home and let you know how much your custom made shutters will cost.