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Double Glazed Windows: Not Just For Keeping You Warm

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It's widely known that double glazed windows provide extra insulation to your home, helping to keep you much warmer on chilly evenings. The two panes of glass are separated by a layer of inert gas and sealed together to create a reliable buffer between you and the outside world. This makes sure the heat stays in and the cold stays out, so you can cut down on the energy use it takes to maintain a comfortable temperature.

But that's not all double glazing can do for you. While the majority of people opt to have this type of window installed for its insulation, there are plenty of other additional benefits. For example, double glazed windows can...

Keep you cool

That insulating layer doesn't just work to keep heat in. It also works to keep hot air out during the height of summer, which in turn helps you keep a cool environment inside. Double glazed windows also stop some of the sun's rays.

Help you get a good night's sleep

The noise outside can be really disturbing, especially if you live near a large road, airport, or popular nightlife spot. Double glazing drastically reduces how much noise reaches you indoors, which can make a huge difference to your quality of life if you're suffering the effects of a loud area.

Improve relations with your neighbours

Sound insulation can work both ways. Since it also limits the noise leaving your home, you'll probably find you can listen to music and television at a higher volume before it starts to bother your neighbours. Perfect for people who like to host gatherings.

Stop intruders

Double glazed windows are much more difficult to break than standard ones, which makes your home far more secure. The UPVC frames are also tough to damage enough to gain entry, and you can maximise the security by opting for toughened glass. Total peace of mind.

Protect your belongings

The effects of UV light on fabrics and art are well documented. Faded, washed out colours can completely ruin your possessions, and this includes some extremely costly furnishings and collectable items. Thanks to the ultraviolet-blocking ability of double glazed windows, much less of these damaging rays will reach your valuables, keeping your curtains, furniture and artworks safer.

Another environmental problem that can damage things in your home is condensation, which can gather in large quantities and cause mould to grow. Double glazing prevents condensation building up on the glass, so you'll have less concentrated moisture in the home.