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Reasons Your Home Needs Awnings As Soon As Possible

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Although awnings are not a new concept, an assumption homeowners make is that they are only suitable if they have an exterior living space that they are looking to shade. In reality, awnings can be advantageous to you whether you have a patio or not, as they can be installed directly on your windows. Moreover, they come in a wide assortment of styles to ensure that you can find a design that would be the most complementary to your residence. Here are some of the reasons why your home needs awnings as soon as possible.

Awnings prevent water damage

One of the biggest benefits of awnings is that they do not have to be exclusively installed over windows. You can also install them over doorways and the various entryways into your home. As a result, the awnings protect your door and window frames against water damage that could occur due to direct exposure to hail, snow and overall precipitation. Moreover, by installing awnings over these access points, you will also be proactively preventing water from making its way to your windowsill, which will ensure no leaks are occurring in your residence.

Awnings preserve your furnishings

Homeowners are constantly looking to increase the illumination in their homes to make the residence appear bright and airy. However, this increased natural light does pose a risk of damage to your furnishings. This damage typically manifests as discolouration on curtains, carpeting and upholstery. However, avoiding this problem does not automatically translate into keeping your windows closed. By investing in awnings with UV resistance, you can keep your windows open while staying assured that the awnings will deflect the harmful ultraviolet rays. Hence, your furnishings will remain in pristine condition for longer, and your family will be protected from direct exposure to the sun.

Awnings reduce your cooling costs

Another reason why your home needs awnings post haste is that they can help in keeping your house energy efficient. During the hotter months, you will find that your home becomes susceptible to heat gain through your windows. One of the ways of addressing this problem is to invest in double-glazed window panes to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. However,, this is an expensive endeavour, especially if you have numerous windows. A more affordable alternative would be to install awnings over these windows. The awnings will reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your windows, which inadvertently helps in reducing your overall cooling costs.

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