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Best Materials to Consider for Your Fabric Shower Curtain

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The shower curtain effect is a phenomenon that involves a shower curtain being blown inwards while the shower is running. It is designed in a way that cold and dense air on the outside and hot and less dense air on the inside would result to difference in pressure with more pressure on the outside which forces the curtain inwards. The simple scientific phenomenon allows control of water flowing from the shower to avoid wet and moist floors after showering. Different types of shower curtains however exist in the market today. Here are some of the best materials you should consider when getting one for your bathroom.


This material is fairly sturdy and rough. It works perfect around water which is essential for shower curtains. It is able to maintain its shape without wrinkles after being engulfed and crinkled up in steam shower. A wide range of shower curtains exits in canvas material at relatively fair prices. When shopping for shower curtains, make sure you choose canvas curtains that are of high quality for them to serve for an extended period.

Satin and Silk

Satin and silk are another perfect and luxurious fabric materials for your shower curtains. They instantly drape the shower room with a unique style and glamour turning any little space into a lush retreat. They are not resistant to water and can easily wreck unless they are carefully used. When using this curtain material, make sure the curtain liner is large enough and extremely sturdy. These materials may dry wrinkle or stretch out when they get wet. Satin and silk are best used for design purposes only and, therefore, should be treated with great care.


Plastic may appear an obvious fabric material to use for shower curtains. However, the view of this material is well tainted by hideous white liners plastic curtains that are made stylish and attractive. Plastic fabrics come in bright colours that are appropriate to small children and various fun patterns. They are perfect choices for bathrooms that too busy because they are durable and not prone to wrinkling. Additionally, they are the least expensive in the market and easy to replace.


This type of shower curtain material is sturdy and woven thick and feels almost like the canvas fabric. The major advantages of using this fabric material are that they are fairly water resistant, easy to clean and come in various styles to choose from.