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Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Acrylic Shower Screen in Mint Condition

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Shower screens come in different materials and styles, but they all perform the important job of keeping water away from the rest of the bathroom when someone is taking a shower. If you are considering installing an acrylic shower screen in your bathroom, you might have already heard that it is so easy to clean. However, many people still struggle to keep their acrylic shower screens clean because they overlook the fact that acrylic is only a low-maintenance product and not a completely maintenance-free one.

Proper cleaning of any type of shower screen is imperative to ensure that the shower enclosure keeps looking beautiful and remains in mint condition for years. You can keep your acrylic shower screen clean with these two basic DIY tips:

Rinse it with clean water after every shower

Every time someone takes a shower, a buildup of soap scum and body oils remains on the surface of your shower screens. If the buildup is not removed on a regular basis, it will make the acrylic unhygienic, because it will contain bacterial elements that can cause skin infections and other diseases. The buildup is also an eyesore, meaning the aesthetics of your bathroom will be undermined due to staining and/or discolouration of your shower screen over time. 

An effective way to ensure your acrylic shower screen remains in pristine condition is to have it cleaned on a regular basis. Make it a habit of rinsing the interiors of your shower screen with clean water after every shower. And, depending on how much time people spend in the shower daily, determine when to give your shower screen a thorough scrub.

Clean it regularly and thoroughly

Thorough cleaning is performed with the intention of removing most of the buildup on shower screens. In other words, it is usually geared towards achieving optimal cleaning results, which demands that you use the right cleaning tools and products — arm yourself with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel and cleaning detergent specially formulated for cleaning acrylic shower screens. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive scrubbing pads that may cause permanent damage to the screens. 

Gently scrub your shower screen while paying special attention to areas that may prove quite difficult to clean. Make sure to rinse the surface of your screen with plenty of water so that no cleaner remains behind.

Proper cleaning of acrylic shower screens is critical to ensuring homeowners get optimal service from the products, so make sure to keep your shower screen in good shape with the above cleaning tips.